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A Simple Guide To Defining Your Wedding Style

Franky Shanahan

What’s Your Wedding Style?

Your wedding style or aesthetic essentially describes the look and feel of your day. It’s often an adjective, such as modern, elegant, romantic or boho. Defining your wedding style is a crucial part of the planning process because it helps inform all the other elements of your day. Understanding your wedding style also makes it much easier to convey what you want to your venue and suppliers.

Defining your wedding style is a chance to imagine your dream wedding and explore all the wonderful possibilities. But where should you start? Here’s our simple guide, complete with expert advice from two of the UK’s best Wedding Planners…

bride and groom wildflower meadow Country Ways wedding North Devon
Country Ways, North Devon
rustic flowers and soft drinks Country Ways wedding day North Devon
Country Ways, North Devon

What’s Your Budget?

Money is rarely an easy topic of conversation, but it’s an unavoidable one when you’re planning a wedding. Val Mattinson, founder of Benessamy Wedding and Event Planning, highlights how important it is to have a frank discussion about your budget early on:

‘Before you buy or book anything, or visit any venues, agree and decide on your budget. This is so important – all your wedding planning decisions will depend on it – when you want to get married, where, who you want to invite, the style, the size of your wedding party…….the list goes on. Be clear how much and from where and understand if any contributions come with ‘strings’, conditions or expectations attached!’

Bride and groom dancing ashmolean museum wedding oxford
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Photo by Rob Wheal Photography
formal wedding breakfast ashmolean museum wedding Oxford
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Photo by Rob Wheal Photography

How Do You Want Your Wedding Day To Feel?

Deciding how formal or informal you want your day to be is a key part of defining your wedding style. When you imagine your dream wedding, are your guests dressed in black tie amidst opulent surroundings? Or are they kicking back outside, bare foot on the grass as they eat delicious food from a nearby BBQ?

‘Remember who you are and choose a wedding style that suits you – if you’re comfortable with formality and formal is what you’re looking for that’s fine but don’t be pressured into opting for a style that just doesn’t reflect you. This goes for choosing your suppliers too!’ – Val Mattinson – Benessamy Wedding and Event Planning

This is also a good opportunity to identify your top priorities. Some people want their wedding to be all about good friends and good food. Other couples might focus on live music and lots of dancing. Once you know what’s important to you both, you can find a wedding style that fits and allocate your budget accordingly.

Bride and groom holding hands Lains Barn wedding venue Oxfordshire
Lains Barn, Oxfordshire
relaxed wedding breakfast Lains Barn wedding venue oxfordshire
Lains Barn, Oxfordshire

What’s Your Personal Style?

When you’re ready to start collecting visual inspiration, try looking beyond the world of weddings. Interior design, art, fashion and films can be just as useful as wedding blogs and magazines. Consider what you’re drawn to and think of creative ways to translate these influences into a unique wedding aesthetic.

You should also ask yourselves whether there’s anything in particular that defines your relationship. Does this point you towards a specific look or theme? Cynthia of Kimberley Rose Designs believes shared passions and interests should also inform your chosen wedding style.

‘Your wedding day should be a reflection of you as a couple. Pay attention to your likes and dislikes, your personal style, and the things you’re drawn to outside of the wedding world, such as places you’ve visited and hobbies you enjoy. Incorporate these influences for a wedding day that truly reflects you both.’

Remember, you don’t have to interpret a theme literally. Small details that capture the essence of an idea can have a much bigger impact. You can also put your own spin on a familiar theme by taking key elements and deconstructing them to create something new and unique.

Barn wedding fairy light canopy Almonry Barn somerset
Almonry Barn, Somerset

What’s Next?

Once you’ve narrowed things down, it’s important to stay focussed and avoid getting side-tracked. Have confidence in your chosen style and recognise when it’s time to stop looking for alternative ideas. Instead, turn your attention to sourcing the perfect venue and a team of suppliers who can bring your vision to life.


A Simple Guide to Defining Your Wedding Style  | Find Your Perfect Venue Blog

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