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How To Include Children In Your Wedding Day

Katherine Grant

Yes, your big day is about the two of you, but if you have your own children, or have invited children along, you will want to include them in a way that makes them an important part of the day.

We have found the best original and creative ideas to help you get the kids involved, from the planning to the partying!

Understanding The Wedding Day

There are some fun and informative wedding themed books which kids love. A favourite is ‘The Scarecrows Wedding‘ by Julia Donaldson of ‘The Gruffalo’ fame, and ‘When Willy Went To The Wedding‘ by Judith Kerr. Reading these together will help your children understand what is going to happen on your wedding day, and get them as excited as you are.

Responsibilities for children

Giving your children some responsibility in the wedding ceremony such as a flower girl or ring bearer will make them feel very special and really involved in your wedding.

Ring bearer duties. Photo by Alice Boagey.
Ring bearer duties. Photo by Alice Boagey.

What kid doesn’t love getting dressed up like Mum and Dad. You can have fun choosing wedding clothes together, and there are some beautiful, yet comfortable, kids wedding attire to be had, such as these flower girl dresses at  Les Petites Mews. But if you really want the kids involved, get them to choose their own outfit.  A flower girl at a wedding we attended chose safari animal pyjamas to wear down the aisle, and she looked fabulous!

Dressed up and ready.
Dressed up and ready. Photo by Ruth Garner Photography.

Venue Visiting

Standing in front of a room full of people is daunting to the best of us, let alone children, so if you do have little ones involved in the ceremony it’s a good idea to visit your venue with them as much as you can.  Get them feeling comfortable in the space, and familiar with where they will be walking or standing, so on the big day it feels completely natural to them.

East Bridgford Hill, Nottinghamshire wedding venue
East Bridgford Hill, Nottinghamshire
Temple Newsam House, Leeds wedding venue
Temple Newsam House, Leeds


Children will love to contribute to the wedding decor with DIY craft projects made ahead of the big day. They can help you create wedding favours, place cards, bunting or really tap into their creativity and get them drawing or writing stories of your life together.  It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect — what matters is that they feel like they are part of making the big day happen.

Gaynes Park, Essex wedding venue
Beautiful bunting at Gaynes Park, Essex

Cake Tasting

Your kids may not enjoy helping with seating arrangements or drinks reception choices, but one thing you can bet they will be excited about is the wedding cake!  Take them along to the tasting and get their opinions, they will love seeing (and tasting) the final result on the day.

Family Showtime

If you are a family blending large numbers of children you could give them the opportunity to work together on a really special toast or performance at the wedding reception. It’s a great chance for the kids to have fun working together, and would make for a really special memory.

Riding the lions. Photo by Ruth Garner Photography.
Riding the lions. Photo by Ruth Garner Photography.

Goody Bags and Table Activities

Lets face it, most children won’t sit through a three course wedding breakfast, speeches, or even a ceremony!  Make it fun for them with a pack full of goodies to keep them happy all day.  Save yourself a bit of time with ready made wedding packs such as this ‘little guest in a box’ from

Children enjoying their goody bags at the wedding breakfast.
Goody bags!

For older children a disposable camera and a list of items and people to photograph is great activity, and sure to provide plenty of laughs when the photos are developed!

Bouncy Castle

The ultimate in kids entertainment, and perfect for an outdoor wedding, the popularity of wedding themed bouncy castles are on the up.  Although you may find some ‘big kids’ sneaking on there too!

Wedding childcare

If you know you have quite a few little ones coming to your wedding companies such as Event Childcare could help with a pop up creche.  Your guests will love that their children are in the hands of qualified childminders, and the kids will be fully entertained.

Anyway you involve your children in your wedding will make them feel included, and help them to feel the importance of this big life occasion. They may be little but kids can make a big impact on your wedding day!

Speeches! Photo by Alice Boagey.
Speeches! Photo by Alice Boagey.
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