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Our Top DIY Wedding Tips

Katherine Grant

So many couples are DIY-ing their weddings, not only can it save you money, but it can also help to make your special day exactly the way you want it. There are plenty of sources to help you work out what you can  realistically create for a DIY wedding, from magazines to Pinterest, so get researching and even the least creative amongst you will be surprised about what you can achieve!

Whitemoor Farm, Devon wedding venue
Whitemoor Farm, Devon

Get Thrifty

Check out local second hand groups for decor, as couples who have already had their weddings sell used items for half of what they would be online. Not only do you save money but you can also resell the items after your wedding and make some money back.

Shop bought decorations labelled ‘wedding’ can be overpriced, so keep an eye out for off-season sales such as after Valentines Day or Christmas for some decorative bargains.

The Sussex Barn, East Sussex wedding venue
The Sussex Barn, East Sussex

Round Up The Troops!

So you have decided on handmade flower favours for each of your 200 guests – a rather daunting project! Don’t be afraid to call in the troops and ask for help from family and friends. The chances are that they would love to be involved with the wedding preparations in some way, so get them together for a few nights with some bottles of wine and pizza to help with your homemade decorations. It could even be a great ice-breaker event to bring together new family members.

Almonry Barn, Somerset wedding venue
Almonry Barn, Somerset

Skill Searching

Now’s the time to call in some favours or skill swap with friends and family. You could even ask for people’s skills instead of a wedding gift. Maybe you know a graphic designer who could create your invites, a master baker for your cake, or even a talented seamstress for your dress.  Remember that you want people to relax and enjoy your wedding day as much as you, so make sure you both know what is expected before you enlist friends or family help on the day for wedding photography, catering, or music.

Aldwick Court Farm and Vineyard, North Somerset wedding venue
Aldwick Court Farm and Vineyard, North Somerset

Clever Catering

Hold a Bake-Off inspired cake competition at your wedding, by asking guests to bake and bring in a cake for your cake table!  We love this idea as not only does it save you money, but its an inspiringly creative way to get all your guests involved in your day, and who doesn’t like a bit of healthy competition at a wedding, or plenty of cake for that matter?!

The Keeper and the Dell, Norfolk wedding venue
The Keeper and the Dell, Norfolk

Step Back On Your Wedding Day

Creating things for your wedding can be really fun and personal, but make sure that you keep your actual wedding day as a sacred DIY free day.  Get as much set up the day before as possible and pass anything else on to a planner, friends or family, so the run up to the ceremony is as relaxing and stress free as possible.

Whitemoor Farm, Devon wedding venue
Whitemoor Farm, Devon

Our Top DIY Wedding Tips | Find Your Perfect Venue Blog

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